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NEW RELEASE: Avian Principality

NEW RELEASE: Avian Principality

Brown ales are for the birds. Which is to say, they’re delicious and wildly under-appreciated, too often not getting the respect they deserve.

Avian Principality American Brown Ale is our new release bottleshop and tasting bar exclusive. This beer balances caramel and toasted nut malt character against apricot and papaya hop aroma. It’s delicious, food-friendly and designed for cool end of Summer nights around the fire.

We’re excited to share this beer because we love the style. More than a few beer enthusiasts have advanced the argument that brown ales are just too dull and boring to capture much excitement. We disagree. If you can get beyond the name born from a colour which harkens back to uninspired mid-90s ‘microbrew’, brown ales today can be just as innovative and delicious as any other style. The opportunity for contrast between nut, biscuit and caramel malt notes with flavourful and aromatic hop notes is boundless.

Pick up a can and let us know what you think.