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Northfield release plan!

Northfield release plan!

Northfield Foeder-Fermented Saison is the first release from our funk and wood-ferment facility; a stand-alone cellar and bottling room adjacent to our main brewing space and dedicated to barrel-aged, wood-fermented beers featuring wild yeasts and mixed fermentations.

This beer spent six months in a large oak fermenter called a foeder (pronounced FOOD-er). Traditionally used by wine makers and European brewers, foeders are a mainstay for traditional Belgian-style farmhouse and lambic brewers. This wood vessel is perfect for long fermentations, provides for oxygen exchange which lends itself to wild yeast fermentation and imparts subtle oaky complexity in the finished beer. 

Holders of Dominion City Loyalist League Barrel Subscriptions (available exclusively to Loyalist League members) are the first to receive bottles and have advance access to additional bottles starting this Saturday.

Northfield will be available to the general public starting Sunday February 25th and will be priced at $16 per 750ml bottle.