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Peruvian Pop-up - Saturday July 30, 2022

Peruvian Pop-up - Saturday July 30, 2022

Join us Saturday July 30th!

Raphaël Express will be popping up at the brewery noon-5pm tomorrow in celebration of Peru's National Day - Fiesta Patrias!

Chef Lizardo and his team are bringing an amazing menu of Peruvian dishes and there'll even be a Peruvian band dialing in the vibe. 

First come, first served! No resos. Can't wait to see you.


Causas (Aji Amarillo-spiced potato dough, a popular cold dish in Lima) with choice filling):

Citrus Chicken - $12
Albacore Tuna Tartare - $16
Vegetarian (Beets & Avocado) - $12

Traditional Ceviche, Ocean Wise Rockfish, Citru Glazed Sweet Potato, Rocoto Tiger's Milk - $23

Papas a la Huncaina (Potatoes topped with a cheese and grilled aji amarillo sauce) with Egg and Botija Olives - $12

Adobo Pork with Carapulcra (Smoked and Sundried Potato Stew) - $19

Asado Sandwich, Peruvian-spiced beef eye round with Salsa Criolla - $17