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TASTING BAR EXCLUSIVE: Forges and Farms Norwegian Farmhouse Ale

TASTING BAR EXCLUSIVE: Forges and Farms Norwegian Farmhouse Ale

We've just tapped a keg of our new release Forges and Farms Norwegian Farmhouse Ale at the brewery. Available exclusively on tap at the tasting bar, we are excited to share this beer with you. 

This beer was fermented using a strain of wild yeast (known as 'kveik' in Norwegian) that was captured by a farmer in the Hornindal Valley on Norway's western coast and sent to Escarpment Labs in Guelph, ON to be grown up for use in our beer. It is this unique yeast strain that gives this beer it's unique farmhouse quality. 

On brewday, we laid cedar boughs on the grates of our mash tun below all of our steeping crushed grain. All of the wort (unfermented beer, which is really more like a sugary grain tea) passed through the cedar boughs on the way to the kettle. From there, we fermented the beer warm, which helped to produce the beer's rich apple and rum cake flavours. 

Our brewing team has filled a small number of oak red wine barrels with this beer in anticipation of a very small (<500 bottle) 2018 release. You can be sure to get your hands on this delicious release by signing up for the Loyalist League Barrel Subscription. Check it out!

In the meantime, swing by the brewery for a glass of this delicious and unique release.