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Humans of Dominion City: Shane Duncan

Humans of Dominion City: Shane Duncan

Shane is a familiar face to many of our customers. He's been an anchor behind the tasting bar for over a year and a half and he has a way of drawing you in with a story and a smile. He can often be found helping someone to their car with a couple flats of beer or befriending a group of local school teachers unwinding at the bar on a Friday afternoon. 
"Working at a brewery; I like how relaxed it is. The best part of my day is the beer at the end of it with everyone I've been chatting and working with."
Shane originally joined the brewery as our delivery driver at a time when we were really starting to grow our business. We'd often hear stories from customers and the warehouse about how he'd surprised them with coffee or gone out of his way to make someone's day. We quickly realized we had a lot more than just someone who could move kegs around. It's small things like that which gave us an edge; solving a bar or restaurant's problem before it became a bigger issue, not missing an opportunity to thank a customer and maintaining an extra point of connection with the people and places selling our beer beyond the brewery. 

Shane grew up on a farm in Poltimore, QC about an hour into the Gatineau Hills. His family and his horse Jackie are still there and around this time of year he splits his time between the brewery and helping on his family's sugar bush (which, incidentally, offers the best traditional cabane a scure-style brunch you've ever had.)