Friends of the Dominion

Limited releases from a handful of our favourites are now available.

Orders come with chips!

Pick up and local-Ottawa delivery only.

Blood Brothers - Shumei IPA 4x355ml
Blood Brothers - The Inner Eye Pale Ale 4x355ml
Covered Bridge Chips (Lil' Guys)
Indie Alehouse - Good Clean Fun Helles 4x355ml
Indie Alehouse - Tarana-Saurus Pale Ale 4x355ml
Revel Cider - Good Evening
Revel Cider - Time & Place 4x355ml
Sonnen Hill - Bringer of Light 750ml
Sonnen Hill - Extra Hell 4x355ml
Sonnen Hill - Local Spiff 750ml
Sonnen Hill - No Worry 750ml
Sonnen Hill - Standard Batch 2 4x355ml
Town Brewery - Tourbillon Tart Grisette 4x473ml