Friends of the Dominion

Food & Drink To-Go

A curated selection of food along with beer, wine and cider from a handful of our favourite independent producers; available to-go from our licensed restaurant.

Pick up and local-Ottawa delivery only.

Bellwoods - Jelly Royale (Mango Tangerine) 473ml
Bellwoods - Milkshark: Mango 473ml
Bellwoods Brewery - A Non-Alc IPA V2 473ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Barrel 437 500ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Blackberry Lime Farmageddon 500ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Grandma's Boy: Shiro 500ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Hellwoods 473ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Intermodal Peach (2022) 500ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Jelly King (Riesling) 500ml
Chronicle Brewing - Heros Handbag Mild 473ml
Collective Arts - Origin of Darkness (Cloudwater Collab) 355ml
Collective Arts - Origin of Darkness (Dugges Bryggeri Collab) 355ml
Elora Brewing - Fjord Kveik Pale Ale 355ml
Elora Brewing - Link Up English Mild 355ml
Fine Balance Brewing - Bene Italian Pilsner 473ml
Fine Balance Brewing - Gelato Sour 355ml
Fine Balance Brewing - Isle Rice Lager 473ml
Fine Balance Brewing - Light Hazy Pale Ale 473ml
Friends of the Dominion Subscription Box
Godspeed Brewery - Tmavý Ležák 12º 355ml
Matron Fine Beer - Bobo 355ml
Slake Brewing - Beauty 500ml
Slake Brewing - Easy Lager 473ml
Slake Brewing - Kinda Rosé 355ml
Slake Brewing - Pretty Colours 500ml
Slake Brewing - Vista 473ml
Slake Brewing - WooHoo 355ml
Sonnen Hill - Kellerhell 355ml
Sonnen Hill - Kölsch 355ml
Sonnen Hill - Standard 355ml
Sonnen Hill - Summer Ale 355ml

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