Friends of the Dominion

Food & Drink To-Go

A curated selection of food along with beer, wine and cider from a handful of our favourite independent producers; available to-go from our licensed restaurant.

Pick up and local-Ottawa delivery only.

Badlands Brewing - DORA 473ml
Badlands Brewing - Ontario IPA 473ml
Badlands Brewing - Secret Wave 473ml
Barncat Artisan Ales - California Juice 473ml
Barncat Artisan Ales - Extra Juice 473ml
Barncat Artisan Ales - Two Tickets to Paradise 473ml
Bellwoods Brewery - A DIPA (Galaxy, Mosaic & Sterling) 473ml
Bellwoods Brewery - An APA 473ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Beerly Deloved TIPA 473ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Dry Hopped Lagered Ale 473ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Fizzy Blaster 473ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Grandma's Boy: Yellow Plum 500ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Green Velvet 473ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Jelly King (Blackberry & Plum) 500ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Ratclops 473ml
Blood Brothers - Autopop: Passionfruit 473ml
Blood Brothers - Cross My Heart 473ml
Blood Brothers - Devil's Trill XXIV: Trill Nye the IIPA Guy 355ml
Blood Brothers - Love Trip 355ml
Blood Brothers - Paradise Lost Sweet Mango Heat 473ml
Counterpart Brewing - Blender (Cherry) 355ml
Counterpart Brewing - Built in a Day 355ml
Counterpart Brewing - Heavy Is the Head 473ml
Counterpart Brewing - Sonic 473ml
Counterpart Brewing - Vision (Brown) 500ml
Fairweather Brewing - Cheap Seats 473ml
Fairweather Brewing - Dream Pop 473ml
Fairweather Brewing - Late Lunch 473ml
Fairweather Brewing - Melange 473ml
Fairweather Brewing - Pneuma 473ml
Fine Balance Brewing - Bene Italian Pilsner 473ml
Friends of the Dominion Subscription Box
Godspeed Brewery - Fukami 深み 355ml
Godspeed Brewery - Kin Kin 355ml
Godspeed Brewery - Sklepník v. Oceli 355ml
Matron Fine Beer - Allora Pale Ale 355ml
Matron Fine Beer - Memento Mildbier 355ml
Matron Fine Beer - Muff Darkbier 355ml
MERIT Brewing - Ever Nice 473ml
MERIT Brewing - Mallard Dark Black Lager 355ml
MERIT Brewing - Tiffany Falls 500ml
MERIT Brewing - Wild Years 2022 750ml
MERIT Brewing x Fairweather - Day Ones 500ml
MERIT Brewing x Four Winds - Wind Waker 500ml
MERIT Brewing x Third Moon - A Dream About Love 473ml
MERIT Brewing x Two Crows - Ocean Meets the Land 473ml
Muddy York Brewing - Major Small Best Bitter 473ml
Muddy York Brewing - The "Olli" 355ml
Muddy York Brewing - Wish Bone Pilsner 355ml
Muddy York Brewing - Working Hard NEIPA 473ml
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80x Wine Company - 2019 Ruff Pinot Noir
80x Wine Company - 2021 When Pigs Fly
Five Rows Craft Wine - 2018 Syrah
Five Rows Craft Wine - 2019 Riesling
Five Rows Craft Wine - 2020 Riesling
Fourth Wall Wines - Merlot 2020
Hinterland Winery - Ancestral Rosé 2021
Hinterland Winery - Blanc de Blancs 2016
Hinterland Winery - Blanc de Noirs 2016
L'Imparfait Négociant - Familia Ramirez Chardonnay PEC
L'Imparfait Négociant - La Pioche 2020
Paradise Grapevine - 2020 Too Much Heaven
Pearl Morissette - 2018 Irrévérence
Pearl Morissette - 2019 Oxyde
Pearl Morissette - 2020 Primesautier
Pearl Morissette - 2020 Roselana
Rosewood Winery - 2021 Blau 250ml
Rosewood Winery - 2021 No Bad Days Sangria 250ml
Rosewood Winery - 2021 White Rabbit 250ml
Southbrook Vineyards - 2019 Triomphe Pinot Noir
Southbrook Vineyards - 2020 Hopped Cider
Southbrook Vineyards - 2020 Laundry Chardonnay
Southbrook Vineyards - 2020 Witness Block Cabernet Franc Rosé
Therianthropy Wines - Avabelle Cabernet Sauvignon 2020
Therianthropy Wines - Mouflon Partial Skin Contact 2021
Therianthropy Wines - Mouflon Pinot Gris 2021
Therianthropy Wines - Odi-X Zweigelt 2021
Trail Estate - 2021 CarboGew!
Trail Estate - 2021 Field (of Dreams) Blend
Trail Estate - 2021 Pét Nat - Red

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