Friends of the Dominion

Food & Drink To-Go

A curated selection of food along with beer, wine and cider from a handful of our favourite independent producers; available to-go from our licensed restaurant.

Pick up and local-Ottawa delivery only.

Anderson Ales x GLB - Cold IPA 355ml
Badlands Brewing - Terra Cotta 473ml
Badlands Brewing - Times They Have Changed 473ml
Bellwoods - Vines Sangria 473ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Acid House 473ml
Bellwoods Brewery - An Imperial Stout With Coffee 473ml
Bellwoods Brewery - BOP 500ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Double Monogamy Amarillo 473ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Helles Lager 473ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Hot Wings Pale Ale 473ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Intermodal Peach (2022) 500ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Jelly King: Tangerine 473ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Lamosa 473ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Paper Tiger 473ml
Bellwoods Brewery - West of the Moon 473ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Witchshark 473ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Zongklorg 473ml
Blood Brothers - Gearroir 500ml
Blood Brothers - HELLA TIPA 473ml
Burdock - Classic 355ml
Burdock - Corn Lager 355ml
Burdock - Three 355ml
Burdock - Tolmiebingo 750ml
Counterpart Brewing - Coffee Maple Roller 355ml
Counterpart Brewing - Rhythm DIPA 473ml
Counterpart Brewing - Soul to Squeeze 473ml
Elora x DCBC - Isaria Landbier 355ml
Fairweather Brewing - Green Eyed Love 473ml
Fairweather Brewing - Grisette 473ml
Fairweather Brewing - Pillow Talk 473ml
Fine Balance Brewing - Isle Rice Lager 473ml
Godspeed Brewery - Bière de Soif Everyday Lager 355ml
Godspeed Brewery - FUYU 冬 Barleywine 355ml
Godspeed Brewery - Kurō Dry Stout 355ml
Godspeed Brewery - Polotmavý Ležák 11° 355ml
Godspeed Brewery - Sklepnīk Plzen-Style Pale Lager 355ml
Merit Brewing - Dessert First 355ml
Merit Brewing - Sleep Over 473ml
Slake Brewing - Swell IPA 473ml
Slake Brewing - WooHoo 355ml
Sonnen Hill - Summer Ale 355ml
Sonnen Hill - Table Beer 473ml
Sonnen Hill - Zigler Pils 355ml
Third Moon Brewing - Bevi La Luna 473ml
Third Moon Brewing - Bone Tree IPA 473ml
Third Moon Brewing - Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bestowed 473ml
Third Moon Brewing - Pipe Dreams From a Box 473ml
True History Brewing - 12 Swans 355ml
True History Brewing - After This After That 355ml
True History Brewing - Bicycle Thief 355ml
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