Friends of the Dominion

Food & Drink To-Go

A curated selection of food along with beer, wine and cider from a handful of our favourite independent producers; available to-go from our licensed restaurant.

Pick up and local-Ottawa delivery only.

Badlands Brewing - No Country 473ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Czech Pilsner 473ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Fireplace Channel 500ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Grisette w/ Grapefruit 473ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Helles Lager 473ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Jelly King (Mango & Passionfruit)
Bellwoods Brewery - Jelly King (Prickly Pear Pink Guava)
Bellwoods Brewery - Mexican Lager 473ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Motley Cru Pink Guava 500ml
Bellwoods Brewery - Old Primeval 500ml
Bellwoods Brewery - White Picket Fence 355ml
Blood Brothers - Autopop: Tahitian Treat 473ml
Blood Brothers - Paradise Lost (Guava, Banana, Pineapple) 473ml
Burdock - Super Gold 355ml
Counterpart Brewing - Afterglow IPA 473ml
Counterpart Brewing - Blender (Guava Sicilian Lemon) 355ml
Counterpart Brewing - When Worlds Collide 355ml
DCBC x Old Flame - Long Haul 355ml
DCBC x Sonnen Hill - Something Easy 355ml
Fairweather Brewing - Pneuma 473ml
Godspeed Brewery - Kawasemi 355ml
Godspeed Brewery - Kekkon 355ml
Godspeed Brewery - Mine 355ml
Matron Fine Beer - Cheugy 355ml
Matron Fine Beer - Daydreamer 355ml
Matron Fine Beer - Handsome 355ml
Matron Fine Beer - Muff Darkbier 355ml
Paradise Grapevine - 2022 Thirst Trap 250ml
Refined Fool - Cabin Jeans 473ml
Rorschach - Decadence (Banana Pie) 355ml
Rorschach - Harmony Dessert Lager 355ml
Rorschach - Haterade Orange 355ml
Rorschach - Jolly Beans 355ml
Sonnen Hill - Choogle IPA 355ml
Sonnen Hill - IPA 355ml
Sonnen Hill - Kölsch 355ml
Sonnen Hill - Lager Beer 355ml
Sonnen Hill - Mosaic 355ml
Sonnen Hill - Pils 355ml
Wood Brothers Brewing - Hemlock Bull Vol. 2 473ml
Wood Brothers Brewing - The Guy Behind Me Is Paying 473ml
Wood Brothers Brewing - WANNA LICK? PSYCH! 473ml


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