Between Two Evils Coffee, Coconut & Vanilla

Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
10% ALC. / VOL.
355 mL

“True Temperance”
For those in the know, Between Two Evils Day is a once-a-year celebration of patience, craft and complexity. It's the day we end a year's wait and share the latest vintage of our barrel-aged imperial stout.

We worked with Lulo Coffee to find varieties that would pair well with the beer. Kevin's approach to coffee - which is usually to roast it very lightly and let the delicate, and more vibrant side of the coffee come through without a ton of roasted flavours. We landed on two coffees: Nasa Community Blend and La Mesa Blend combined - think big flavours of sweet cherry, chocolate fudge, and molasses with a really balanced level of acidity, and subtle roast.

This version features toasted coconut to boost the creaminess and Tahitian vanilla brings an intense and fruity fragrance, with notes of tobacco and rum.

As the nights grow long, the air cold and the company more prized, Between Two Evils is a warming and decadent invitation to contemplate, reflect and savour what's good.



Fermentables: Munich, Maris Otter, Roasted Barley, Caramel Munich 80L, Carafa Special 2, Victory Malt, Special B

Hops: Columbus, Hayhoe Hops Cascade

Adjuncts: Lulo Coffee, Toasted Coconut, Tahitensis vanilla from Indonesia

Yeast: House Preferred Clean Ale Yeast