Our Story.

We started Dominion City Brewing Company because we wanted to make great beer. We also wanted to bring people together.

Today, our beer reflects the people and land that make it possible: we use hops from a family-owned farm on the shores of Lake Erie, source a significant and growing amount of malted barley from Ontario farmers and micro-maltsters in Mississippi Mills and north of Belleville, we’ve foraged ingredients and captured wild yeast with our friends in Kitigan Zibi, and collaborated with friends at Hinterland Winery on a series of innovative wine-beer hybrids featuring the best grapes our province has to offer. Our international partners are some of the world’s best producers, who invite us to test, taste, and hand-select ingredients.

We love this industry. So, we also team up with our favourite independent producers through creative collabs and other community initiatives, as well as Friends of the Dominion, which offers a curated selection of great food, beer, wine and cider from across Canada.

At Dominion City, we also support emerging issues and causes in the community - partnering with nonprofits and small businesses to invite our customers to make a difference.

We believe beer is an experience: a way for everyone to connect, try something new, learn about the land - and each other.

Our Values.

When we started this company, we had a mission: to make great beer delivered with honesty and authenticity. Today, we're guided by the following values:

  • We make great beer. We produce quality, distinctive, thoughtful beer.
  • We strive to do things the right way. We operate with respect for our employees, customers and community. We listen and adapt, as we learn along the way.
  • We believe beer is for everyone. We work to eliminate barriers in our workplace, promote and enable a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture. We respect the dignity of all people, and strive to show that in everything we do.
  • We’re connected and committed to our community. We put purpose before profit; in fact, we believe the former is a necessary precondition for the latter. Our team cares deeply about bringing our community and its people together.

Our Team.

Since 2014, we’ve grown from a team of three, who had a whole community of friends and volunteers behind us, to a team of almost 30 - and growing.

Among us are brewers, our service and leadership teams, and warehouse crew. We are inventors, storytellers and adventurers. We love beer.

At Dominion City, we trust our team, and feel strongly that if we’re going to make great beer - that together we need to provide a great work experience. This means we pay a living wage, and also offer a total compensation package that includes health and wellness benefits, retirement savings matching, paid sick days, training and experience to grow, and of course - a weekly Dominion City beer allowance and special pricing on Friends of the Dominion.

Most importantly, we believe an inclusive and diverse craft beer scene will lead to a better community and ultimately, a stronger industry. If you’d like to join our team, please visit our Careers page. To learn more about our Diversity in Brewing scholarship, awarded annually to an outstanding senior-level student with a background presently underrepresented in the brewing industry, please click here.