Dominion City Coffee Mug

Make it a Very Good Day with our Dominion City coffee mugs.

Choose from two designs. (Mugs are printed single-sided.)

Buy or gift a mug on its own, or send it with a bag of whole bean coffee from our friends at Bluebarn Coffee Roasters.

Mugs purchased with coffee include a 340g bag of Finca Buenos Aires. 

Roast profile : LIGHT-MEDIUM
Producer : Erney Salinas
Farm : Finca Buenos Aires
Region : Paicol, Huila
Country : Colombia

Elevation : 1600m
Varietal : Castillo, Colombia
Process : Washed
Tasting Notes : Blueberry, Butter, Popcorn 

Erney Salinas is a producer member of CRECERT, the coffee growers' association headed by Yaqueline Hernandez. Since CRECERT is made up of dozens of producer members, every visit to La Plata (where CRECERT is based) includes lengthy cupping sessions during which we sample dozens, sometimes hundreds of coffee lots. Late in 2019, we made a purchase of 11 microlots, three of which were grown by Erney Salinas. Needless to say, his coffee always finds a way of standing out on a cupping table.