Dominion City Coffee Mug

Make it a Very Good Day with our Dominion City coffee mugs.

Choose from two designs. (Mugs are printed single-sided.)

Buy or gift a mug on its own, or send it with a bag of whole bean coffee from our friends at Structure Coffee Roasters.

Mugs purchased with coffee include a 340g bag of Emmanuel Rusatira. 

Tasting notes : Orange - Cherry - Spices

Emmanuel is the head of the Fugi washing station in the district of Nyaruguru in Rwanda's Southern province. This coffee has been especially selected from a washing station gathering 950 smaller scale farmers. On average, a single farmer’s production in this region is below the equivalent of five retail bags and therefore not enough to warrant on-farm equipment. The cherries are instead delivered to Emmanuel’s facility where the coffee is washed and dried.

This natural processed coffee is clean and silky while exhibiting the bold aromatics of naturals. Notes of ripe oranges and cherries make this a fruit-forward cup with spice notes rounding out the profile. A fine example of the diversity of natural processing and Rwanda’s coffee profiles.