Sunsplit IPA

Sunsplit IPA

6.5% ALC. / VOL.
473 mL

“A hoppy beer!”

This beer features massive tropical hop flavour, balanced bitterness, expressive yeast character and rich malt body. Sunsplit was brewed with loads of oats, intemperate hopping rates and features a deliberately hazy pour. Keep cold and enjoy fresh. 

Tasting Notes

Soft, Juicy, Tropical

History Of The Style

Originating in Vermont and New England, these hazy, hoppy and extremely fruit forward IPAs feature moderate bitterness and often showcase oat creaminess.


Fermentables: 2 Row, Flaked Oats

Hops: Citra® & Amarillo®

Adjuncts: None

Yeast: London Ale III


Pork chops, blue triple cream cheese, pineapple pizza.